First Monday Library Chat


Rijksmuseum Library Reading Room
Rijksmuseum Library Reading Room


2 thoughts on “First Monday Library Chat”

  1. I see the west coast is MIA. May I contribute or suggest the culinary collection at the Huntington Library in Pasadena, UCLA’s special collections, and the Los Angeles Public Library. Two very important historic cookbooks came from California, and from one of the librarians who founded the Culinary Historians of Southern California, Daniel Strehl. The books are What Mrs. Fisher Knows [apologies, cannot do italics here], San Francisco, 1881, the second known African-American cookbook; and Encarnacion’s Kitchen, 1898, the first Spanish-language cookbook published in the U.S.

  2. Dear Linda,

    Many thanks for your comment. I’m happy to say that the Huntington Library will be featured in the June edition of this series. Thanks for reading and more soon! Elaine

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