Style Guide

Word Limit:

500-850 words, unless by prior arrangement.


Create a title for your piece. 

Your name should be an italicised byline just after the title, with a hyperlink to your web profile/website/social media profile (if desired). 

The post should be composed in succinct, crisp paragraphs. Clear topic sentences will help readers navigate their way through your writing.

Share your sources, build community: whenever possible, refer to a primary source in full in the post and use hyperlinks to any source rather than using footnotes. If footnotes or a reference list are absolutely necessary, then keep the notes/reference list very short and place at the bottom of the post.

If someone has written on a related topic at The Recipes Project, please be sure to mention their post and to provide a hyperlink. 

Footnotes and References

If you do use footnotes, please put them in the following format:

  • First name, Last name, “Article Title,” Journal Title Volume number, issue number (Year): pages.
  • First name, Last name, Book Title (Place: Publisher, Date), pages.

If you include a reference list, please put them in alphabetical order and use the following format:

  • Last name, first name. “Article Title.” Journal Title. Volume number, issue number (Year): pages of article.
  • Last name, first name. Book Title. Place: Publisher, Date.

Including Images:

Please include an image (or more, if you’d like) to go with your post. Images should be in jpeg format. Indicate in your post where you’d like the images to go, eg [INSERT IMAGE 1 NEAR HERE].

All images should be copyright clear, whether you’ve cleared it with a library yourself or have selected it from places with generous copyright policies such as the Wellcome Library, NYPL, or Wikimedia Commons. Be sure to provide a caption that clearly states the source and the “Image Credit”–i.e. the library/archives/collection. e.g. “Image Credit: Wellcome Library, London.”

Categories and Tagging

We categorize and tag posts to make them easier to find. Include a list of 3-5 tag words that would help a user to navigate to your post by theme, topic, or people. Be sure to include your own name as one of the tags.


One of our core aims at The Recipes Project is to help authors share their work with wider audiences. Include a short biography (200 words or less) about you, your writing, and your interests. Feel free to include links to other pieces you’ve written or some of your other projects. We are happy to cross-promote!

Author Checklist:

☐ Title for piece

☐ Author Name italicized/hyperlinked

☐ Related blog posts hyperlinked

☐ Footnotes and/or Reference List formatted

☐ Bio written

☐ Images included

☐ Images captioned

☐ Tags listed 

☐ Save your words in a text file and your images in jpeg.

☐ Send to your editor

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