Manuscript Remedy Collections in Welsh Archives

This list of Welsh manuscript remedy collections and miscellaneous references to individual Welsh remedies first appeared on the Remedies, Recipes, Receipts website (January 2010), which is now defunct.

A typical page from a 17th-century remedy book of remedies. Image taken from Glamorgan Archives, MS D/D/Xla, reproduced with kind permission of Glamorgan Archives, Cardiff.
A typical page from a 17th-century remedy book of remedies. Image taken from Glamorgan Archives, MS D/D/Xla, reproduced with kind permission of Glamorgan Archives, Cardiff.

By Alun Withey

Welsh Archives

Cardiff Public Library

Phillipps MS. 25367, Anon, Medical Recipe Book circa 1600
MS 1.463, Anon, ‘Prethegau’ and Commonplace Book
MS 1.475, Anon, Memoranda Including Medical Recipes
MS 2.126, Medical Book attr. Sansom Jones of Bettws c. 1600
MS 2.209, Anon, Treatise of Urine 1682
MS 2.281, Medical Recipe Collection attr. David Jones of Llangan
MS 2.622, Anon, Medical Recipes c. 1700
MS 2.627, Anon, Miscellaneous, including medical recipes
MS 2.632, Anon, Medical Recipe Collection c. 1600
MS 2.655 Anon, Household Medical and Culinary Recipes
MS 2.973, Anon, Meddygyniaeth (Medical Recipes in Welsh
MS 2.998, Anon, Culinary and Medical Recipes c.1725
MS 3.212, Cadwaladr Davies, ‘Piser Sioned’, MS 3212

Carmarthenshire Record Office

MS Castell Gorfod Add. 96, Anon, Medical Remedies attr. to Anne Skinner

Flintshire Record Office

Erddig Papers
MS Erddig D/E/ 1147, Anon, Preparation of a Poultice c. 1697
MS Erddig D/E/ 1203, Anon, Culinary and Medical Receipt Book
MS Erddig D/E/2547, Medical Recipe Collection of John Meller
Gwynsaney Papers
Gwysaney MS D/GW/2115, Anon, Recipe for Powder to Cure Blindness

Glamorgan County Record Office

Miscellaneous MSS
MS D/D/Xla, Anon, Seventeenth Century Medical Remedies
MSS D/DF V/202-6, Medical receipts and directions to Seys Family of Boverton, Llantwit Major, 1628

Gwent County Record Office

MS D43:4216, Commonplace Book of John Gwin of Llangwm (includes several references to both ‘orthodox’ receipts, and Helmontian and chemical remedies)

National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth


NLW MS C.2, Manuscript book of Bened Feddyg
NLW MS 15-C, Commonplace Book of Michael Hughes of Lligwy, c. 1730-1770
NLW MS 182D, Remedy Collection of ‘Mrs Lloyd’ of Penpedust, undated, c. 18th century
NLW MS 434B, Miscellany of ‘Robert Lloyd’, c. 1660
NLW MS 836D, ‘Piser Alice Uch Rees’ Miscellany, 1718-42
NLW MS 2558D, Translations of Medical Works by Thos. Willis M.D, Undated, 17th century
NLW MS 4492D, Richard Phillips, Misc. including legal precedents and medical remedies, Undated, c. 17th/18th century
NLW MS 2699B, Quaker Diary of John Kelsall, 1735
NLW MS 4599E, Tradesman’s book of John Ireland of Cardiff, c.1790
NLW, MS 4492D, Anon, ‘Llwynwormwood MS’, Legal Precedents & Miscellany, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire, Undated, c. 17th century
NLW MS 5309B, Remedy Collection attr. to Henry, 5th Baron Herbert of Cherbury, undated, c. 17th century
NLW MS 5932A, Anon, Medical Remedies and Miscellany, c. 1635
NLW MS 11457C, Collection of Morrall Family Papers, various dates, 17th & 18th century
NLW MS 13146A, Misc. collection of Edward Williams (‘Iolo Morgannwg’), various dates
NLW MS 23069, Medical Notes made by Richard Pughes of Machynlleth, 1754


Bodewryd MS 96A, Commonplace Book of Anne Penrhos

Cwrtmawr, MSS 97, 672, Notebooks of John and Henry Harries
Cwrtmawr 1(A) MS 38B, Notes and Manuscript of Thomas Nicklas of Conwy including folklore and medicine, c. 18th Century
Cwrtmawr 2(A), MS 254A, Tithe book of Llangynyw, including medical remedies, c. 1646-76
Cwrtmawr (2) MS 491B, Medical Remedies of Thomas Lewis/Evan Thomas, 18th Century
Cwrtmawr (3) MS 638A, Anon, 18th Century Miscellany in Welsh/English

Peniarth Estate (2), MSS A1, A2, A5, Estate Administration Accounts including almanacks and medical remedies

Pembrokeshire Record Office

MS HDX/88/1, Anon, 17th Century Remedy Collection
MS HDX/175/1, Anon, 17th Century Remedy Collection
MS HDX/214, Anon, 17th Century Remedy Collection
MS HDX/382/1, George Hartman, ‘A Collection of Choice Approved and Experienced Remedies for the Cure of Most Diseases’, 1707
MS HDX/4/51, Anon, 19th Century Remedy Book
MS H’West Boro 574 Misc. 17th century Physicians Accounts relating to the plague

West Glamorgan Archives
MS D/DZ 123/1, Notebook containing accounts, agricultural and legal notes, medical recipes and family information, parish of Ystradgynlais, 1728-1768

Welsh Manuscript Remedy Collections in English Archives

Bodleian Library, Oxford

MSS Eng. Misc. C. 266-7, Anon, Medical Remedy Books, Cheshire, c. 1753-56, MSS. Welsh e. 7-9, Medical Remedies in English and Welsh, 17th and 18th century

British Library

BM Additional MSS

BM Add. MS. 14913, Anon/Various, Welsh Language Medical Remedy Collection, c. 16th/17th Century
BM Add. MS. 15045, Anon, ‘Caer Rhun’, Medical Remedies attr. Physicians of Myddfai
BM Add. MS. 15049, Anon, Welsh Language Medical Remedy Collection, c. 17th century
BM Add. MS. 15078, Welsh Translation by John ap Ifan of ‘The Treasury of Health’ by Humphrey Llwyd,

Wellcome Library, London

MS 417, ‘Llyfr o fedheginiaeth a physygwriaeth’ – (book of remedies and medicine c. 1600)

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