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L0007533 St. Thomas's Hospital, Southwark: Prince Albert distributing Credit: Wellcome Library, London.
St. Thomas’s Hospital, Southwark. Credit: Wellcome Library, London.

Among our contributors, we have a number of postgraduate and undergraduate students.

Katherine Allen

Ashley Buchanan

Carla Cevasco

Jonathan Cey

The Early Modern Matter of Fecal Medicines(December 2012)

Chelsea Clark

Pamela Deagle

Some “Fishy” Remedies for Madness and Melancholy (December 2012)

Phoebe Dickerson

Ice (Fires Foe): Some lessons in love and burning (February 2013)

Emily Hagens

Monastic Domestic Medicine in Italy (June 2014)

Kristen James

What was Perfume in the Eighteenth Century? (December 2014)

Ianto Jocks

Wild Thyme, Bitter Almonds, and Extract of Beavers – Medicinal Recipes of Scribonius Largus (January 2015)

Colleen Kennedy

Sarah Kernan

Medieval Cookery Rolls as Practical Kitchen Texts (March 2015)

Seth LeJacq

Theresa McCulla

Listening, Tasting, Reading, Touching: Interdisciplinary Histories of American Food (February 2015)

Sally Osborn

Jennifer Park

Katrina Rutz

Although It Be St Anthony’s Face (October 2014)

Melissa Schultheis

Temporality in John Dauntesey’s Recipe Book (1652-1683) (December 2015)

Rachel A. Snell

Tillmann Taape

Molly Taylor-Poleskey

Sean Trainor

Dyeing to Impress: Hair Products and Beauty Culture in Nineteenth-Century America (January 2015)

Simone Zweifel

Collaboration in the Production of Recipe Books (June 2014)


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