Day 10: ‘What is a Recipe?’ Final Event

WMS 4051, Wellcome Library, London.

And so we must come to an end…

For the past month, we’ve been regularly feasting on delicious presentations on and indulging in wonderful conversations about ‘What is a Recipe?’

On July 10, we’re going out on a high note, with two livestreamed panel discussions of about 45 minutes hosted at the Wellcome Library, London. RP editors Amanda Herbert, Elaine Leong, Lisa Smith, and Laurence Totelin, along with Elma Brenner (Research Development Specialist, Wellcome Collection), will discuss ‘What is a Recipe?’

The first panel will kick off around 2:30 p.m. (UK time) with an examination of some recipe book highlights from the Wellcome Library, followed by our thoughts on ‘What is a Recipe?’, drawing on our virtual conversations.

The second panel will start around 4:00 p.m. (UK time) with an examination of some recipe-related objects, followed by a round-table discussion in which we respond to your questions. So please send in your questions — here, on Twitter, on Facebook…

Details about the live-streaming and timing to follow. We will update on Twitter, Facebook, and here!

Please join us in bringing our conversation to a close.


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One thought on “Day 10: ‘What is a Recipe?’ Final Event”

  1. Is there a good resource for comparing ingredient types eg sugar , flour in different centuries? Also presumably would have to be country specific! For accurate recipe reconstruction Peter Brears or Ivan Day in UK seem best but this would be a useful aid.

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