Day 5: What is a recipe?

Credit: Wellcome Library, London.
Recipes, by H.J. Green & Co. Ltd.

Welcome to Day 5 of our virtual conversation on ‘What is a Recipe?’. Things have already kicked off for the week at H-Nutrition. So far,  there are posts on ‘Weight Watchers’ Fried Chinese Chicken‘, ‘First Bouillon, Then Meat with Potatoes‘, ‘Spaghetti Mexican Style‘  and ‘Statistical Analysis of Yorkshire Pudding‘. Lots to think about here on sacred vs profane recipes, ethnicity, and methodology!

But before you settle in today, you might want to catch up on last week in our virtual conversation if you missed it. There  was a whirlwind of recipe recreations, cosmetic explorations and “beauty enhancers”, potato measuring, podcast explorations, ancient breast engorgement treatments, recipes via sound archives, and a consideration of a module in which students explored recipes. You can read the Storify of Day 3 here, and the reflection on the theme of connectivity on Day 4  here.

Today is a continuation of current projects and a few new ones:

  • H-Nutrition will have discussion and new posts every day this week.  Check them out at their website here or over on twitter @HNetNutrition?
  • Siobhan Clark continues her eighteenth-century potato growing experiment on Twitter @Spuddenly_Farm and Instagram @SpuddenlyFarming.
  • Sietske Fransen delves deep back into the Early Royal Society Archives and continues her always interesting recipe tweeting @sietske_fransen
  • “The Endless Knot” podcast will be hosting a special episode with Laura Carlson of “The Feast” podcast, discussing and sharing recipes, attempts to recreate old recipes, and what we can learn from these recipes.  Catch them at for the episode itself, uploading at 5am EDT, and then on twitter as well @AllEndlessKnot
  • Dorothy Cashman will explore Irish culinary history and cookbooks over at @Irish_Cookbooks
  • The College of Physicians Philadelphia will be tweeting throughout the day @CPPHistMedLib, sharing serious and whimsical items from their collections, focusing on medicinal and scientific recipes.
  • The Cooking With Anger experiment is still on, with fun short recipe stories. Why not take a few minutes from your day to grab a few ingredients and create your own tantalising story concoction?

As always, comments, contributions, stray thoughts, questions, and anything else you wish to put forward are always welcome! Join us on twitter using #recipesconf, or comment on any one of the projects above. We look forward to hearing from you!

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