UK Medical Heritage Library

By Lisa Smith

german-national-cookeryThis just in: the UK Medical Heritage Library is now available. From 28 October, it will be fully integrated into Historical Texts, but for one glorious day — TODAY — it is completely open.

I spent yesterday at a Live Lab workshop hosted by JISC in which researchers had an opportunity to spend time playing with the datasets. This meant I indulged in trying out the new platform to look for things like vampires, pain, and cookery smells–as you do–while giving feedback to people who were actually thinking about tools to make the dataset even more useful.

flowers-and-flower-loreBut as for you, dear readers, there is much to capture your interest. Folk medicine? Oh yes! Plant folklore? Most certainly! Cookery? Absolutely! Plus, so much more.

Go. Go now! And explore. It is a delight.

3 thoughts on “UK Medical Heritage Library”

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for coming yesterday – so glad you enjoyed it, and we definitely appreciate the feedback from users!

    Just to say that the collection will always be completely open via the Jisc Historical Texts platform – no login required.

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