Happy Birthday to us!

By Elaine Leong

This week, The Recipes Project celebrated its second birthday. It seems like yesterday when Lisa Smith approached me to start an academic blog to showcase the wonderful ways in which our colleagues around the world research and teach with recipes. Over the past two years, the blog has published over 200 posts and featured the work of more than 50 researchers. This is a big thank you to all our contributors. After all, my life is definitely richer having found out about tobacco enemas, learnt about Glauber Salt, discovered the wrong way to distill turpentine, gotten ‘in’ on the medieval Russian secret hangover cure and somehow become a fan of Ed Sheeran through Manchu recipes. Also, now that it is plum season in Berlin, I cannot bite into one of those juicy purple fruits or eat a slice of Pflaumenkuchen without thinking about Johannes Magirus. So, a big round of applause to our contributors around the world.

As a historian of reading, I spend my days and nights dreaming of and writing about early modern readers. At The Recipes Project, we’re lucky to have a band of dedicated readers. If you’re a fan of the blog, you’re in good company. For the past year, around 10,000 of you regularly log on to the site every month. Thank you for your support and we hope that you’ll keep reading and hitting that comment button to let us know your thoughts. Finally, a big thank you to our friends in the Twitter and Facebook spheres, the editors of the H-word on Guardian.co.uk, the editors of the various History Blog carnivals – thanks for all the shout-outs and keep’em coming.

Let’s raise our glasses of seasonal organic cider to another year of discovery on The Recipes Project!

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