Amanda Herbert on the IHR’s Reviews in History

As some of you might be aware, one of our editors, Amanda Herbert’s new book Female Alliances: Gender, Identity, and Friendship in Early Modern Britain was published earlier this year by Yale University Press. As readers, we were lucky enough to be given tasters of the themes addressed by Amanda in the book in her two posts on ‘Never too many Cooks’ (part 1, part 2). The book takes us into the fascinating world of female friendships, alliances and networks in early modern Britain and how these interactions were not only central to the women’s lives but also were instrumental in shaping the British Atlantic World.  For us recipe bluffs, there are fascinating new readings about recipe exchange and lots about dear old Hannah Woolley.   For those of you want to to know more, click here to listen to an podcast interview which Amanda recently recorded with Jordan Landes, the History Subject Library at the Senate House Library, University of London.


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