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Herbal medicines in a variety of containers] Tacuini sanitatis Elluchasem Elimithar medici de Baldath, de sex rebus non naturalibus, Joannem Schottum, 1531 p. 111. Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine.
Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine.

As an international collaborative research project we always welcome new contributors. If you are interested in joining the Recipes Project team, please send a brief bio or CV, a few sentences describing your research interests and a potential topic for a blog post to We look forward to hearing from you.

Word Limit:

500-850 words, unless by prior arrangement.


We send out a contributor sign-up sheet (via Doodle Polls) to our mailing list every three months.  When you sign up to write a post, you’ll be asked to choose a due-date on that Doodle Poll.  Please upload your post on or before your chosen due-date, and if you think you will be unable to meet the set deadline, let us know with plenty of advance notice so that we can either shift posts around or make alternate arrangements.


Your name should be an italicised byline at the top, with a hyperlink to your institutional page or one. To insert a hyperlink, click on the icon that looks like a jewellery clasp and follow the directions. Also check the box ‘open in new tab’.

Wherever possible, refer to a primary source in full in the post and use hyperlinks to any source rather than using footnotes. If footnotes or a reference list are absolutely necessary, then keep the notes/reference list very short and place at the bottom of the post.

If someone has blogged on a related topic at Recipes Project, please be sure to mention their post and to provide a hyperlink. Again, click on the icon that looks like a clasp, but a complete list of all posts at the site will come up and you just need to click on it.

Footnotes and References

If you do use footnotes, please put them in the following format:

  • First name, Last name, “Article Title,” Journal Title Volume number, issue number (Year): pages cited.
  • First name, Last name, Book title (Place: Publisher, Date), pages.

If you include a reference list, please put them in alphabetical order and use the following format:

  • Last name, first name. “Article Title.” Journal Title. Volume number, issue number (Year): pages of article.
  • Last name, first name. Book title. Place: Publisher, Date.

Including & Uploading Images:

Please also upload an image (or more, if you like!) to go with your post. Images should be in jpeg format. You can choose where to put it in the post. Just click on the ‘add media’ button above the post and it walks you through what needs to be done, including size and location (right/left/centre) of the image.

All images should be copyright clear image, whether you’ve cleared it with a library yourself or have selected it from places with generous copyright policies such as Wellcome Library, British Library or Wikimedia Commons. In the caption section, be sure to provide a caption that clearly states the source and the “Image Credit”–i.e. the library/archives/collection. e.g. “Image Credit: Wellcome Library, London.”

Free Academic Images is an excellent blog that lists a number of museums and libraries that have made their content copyright clear (or, at least, copyright easy). Make sure that you take note of each institution’s specific conditions.

Categories and Tagging

Make sure to check off categories and list tags for your post. There is a long list of categories, so make sure that you look at them closely. The tags and categories should not be duplicates; the tags break down the bigger categories in more detail. If your name doesn’t appear in the ‘Category’ list, be sure to include your own name as a tag. In total, aim for no more than a total of ten tags/categories!

Uploading Posts:

When your post is written and ready, go to our main page and find the “Site Admin” button.  Click on this and you will be prompted to log on to the admin page using your username and password.  Please upload your post directly to the site and hit ‘save as draft’ rather than publish (the buttons are easily confused). The editors will set the post to publish, either after we’ve edited the post or had you edit the post.

Author Checklist:

☐ Author Name italicized/hyperlinked

☐ Related blog posts hyperlinked

☐ Footnotes and/or Reference List formatted

☐ Images inserted

☐ Images captioned

☐ Tags/categories listed (10 max.)

☐ Save as Draft!

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  1. I am sure most of your readers, etc., would be familiar with EndNote. Why not include an EndNote style name or even better post an output style ‘drop in’ file here.

  2. my nan had a bruise recipie which included oil of swallows..i have a jar a chemist made up for my mum 20 years ago.on the recipie it says oil of swallows{made from elderflower leaves.} its fantastic cream . it has other herbs too but that is wot is said about oil of swallows it.feels like a back brace.and offers pain relief and a muscle support.cleaver stuff

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