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Here are some useful links for exploring recipes, from finding them in the archives, to decoding their secrets. We have included a Zotero online bibliography which makes the sources easily searchable. You can browse the entire library, or choose one of the many folders and browse specific locations, libraries, archives, or authored by our contributors. Please join our Zotero group and contribute your own sources.

The Recipes Project Zotero

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Finding manuscript recipe collections

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2 thoughts on “Additional Resources”

  1. Does the team of scholars have any references to Zoroastrian texts of medicines, recipes used throughout their history? All sources would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi everybody, I am searching and researching in the theme of medieval chinese feasts and banquets. Is anybody perhaps in the possess of any source or knowledge in the subject? Especially regarding food, dishes, recipies, menu etc. or just about gatherings or these kinds of stories and history…

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