Editorial Team

Founders and Editors: Elaine Leong Max Planck Institute for the History of Science Boltzmannstraße 22 14195 Berlin, Germany Phone: (+49 30) 22667-0 Elaine Leong’s research is centered upon medical and scientific knowledge transfer and production with a focus on issues of gender. Her interdisciplinary projects use theories and methods in the history of the book and … Continue reading Editorial Team

Undergraduate Research Series

This series was curated by Laurence Totelin and published in November 2018.  Introducing the UG series, Laurence Totelin Ancient Cures for Asthma: Do they really work? Joanna Cunningham In Search of Efen, Allison Shichen Du Recreating Ancient Beauty, Eboni John Cleopatra’s Eye: The Significance of Kohl in Ancient Egpt, Hazel Lunn