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A historian of gender and medicine in eighteenth-century France and England, Lisa Smith (Lecturer in Digital History, University of Essex) has published widely on leaky bodies, pain, fertility, and the household. She is finishing a book on “Domestic Medicine: Gender, Health and the Household in Eighteenth Century England and France”. In addition to developing an online database of the Sir Hans Sloane Correspondence, she is a co-investigator on a crowd-sourcing recipes transcription project. She blogs at The Sloane Letters Blog and Wonders & Marvels and tweets as @historybeagle.

The Recipes Project

The blog will consider recipes through the ages, ranging from medieval alchemical recipes to twentieth-century jellied salads. The blog is connected to a larger crowd-sourcing project (hosted at the University of Saskatchewan, but with collaborators from Germany, the U.K., and the U.S.) to transcribe recipe books, beginning with some of the seventeenth-century ones that have been digitized at the Wellcome Library, London. The project’s crowd-sourcing website and software are still in development, but we hope to make them public in the autumn 2012. We plan for the website to be a portal to several recipe-related projects. We are working towards, ultimately, extracting data from the transcriptions to trace recipes and ingredients over time and place.